Hiroshi Kato Shihan

In 2008 is Hiroshi Kato Sensei for the first time in Europe welcomed by 'Itten dojo. Since then he gave each year in the Netherlands an internship and visiting students from Itten his dojo in Tokyo.

In 2010 is the 'Itten dojo renamed Itten Suginami Aikikai and is become an official branch of Suginami Aikikai Tokyo.Suginami Aikikai is our official connection to the Aikikai So Hombu in Tokyo, Japan and is responsible for conducting examinations of all Yudansha .

Since the death of Kato Hiroshi Sensei in December 2012 Ido Sensei is Seiji Suginami Aikikai van de Dojo Cho. The annual internships in the Netherlands continued by him.

In memory of Hiroshi Kato Shihan

"At 2 december 2012 Hiroshi Kato Shihan after a brief illness deceased. He had just come back from a number of internships in Netherlands, Scotland and the U.S.A.. He has a very active schedule maintained until the last days of his life, with spreading his special aikido and his vision of what O 'Sensei taught.
It was one of the last, living, direct disciple of the founder. He was a kind and gentle man and very proficient. He taught a lot of fun and humor, but always with a core of real Budo.
He was a warrior in every sense of the word. It was an honor and a privilege to be associated with this great teacher and we will continue to work out in the spirit of what he has given. We will miss him. "

Alec Corper Coos van Itten Suginami Dojo's Dojo

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Seminar Alec Corper Sensei (5th dan) & Steve Baker Sensei (5th dan): 21, 22 & 23 September, Gandia Spain

Trip to Japan with Alec Corper Sensei, April 2019
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