Ido Shihan Seiji (6e and)

Ido-sensei was born in April 1946. He started Aikido at the age of 14 after his parents came home with a pamphlet about the local Aikido club and asked if he would like to try. During his university studies he visited Hombu dojo where he saw first-Kato Shihan. Kato-Shihan usually taught a group of people after the main lessons of the Hombu dojo Ido-Sensei was attracted by Kato-Shihan's aikido and explanations.

In 1965 Kato-Shihan formed an informal group in Koenji, that was near where Kato Shihan-lived, the group name the Yagyu-kai and Ido-Sensei was was appointed as one of its founders. During that period regular Ido-Sensei took took ukemi Kato-Shihan and he vividly remembers how fast he was. Most members were black belt holders and Ido-sensei enjoyed Kato-Shihan's teachings, hard training, and the lively conversation after training.

In 1987, Suginami Aikikai was formally established as a branch under Aikikai Hombu. The former Yagyu-kai was then included in Suginami Aikikai.

Ido-Sensei took time to formally train as a priest during his student days & nbsp; While he continues his development in Aikido, he looks forward to sharing his experience with others in the same pleasant, friendly way that Kato-Shihan did. He likes to look to others to understand the principles of Aikido and how the partner (attacker) approaching through Aikido.

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